Best Desert hiking from Merzouga

Best Desert hiking from Merzouga






Desert hiking from Merzouga. This is our home ground! He grew up in Merzouga with his brother Mustapha.

You can be sure that we will take you to the best camping spots and show you the best places to take pictures, watch the sunset, and look at the stars.
In Merzouga, most guests only stay one night at one of the many camps behind the dunes. But on our multi-day hiking, we'll take you to places that most people don't even know exist.
We offer three basic Desert hiking around Merzouga.4 Days, 7 days, or 10 days, but we can customize them to fit your needs. We can also book an overnight trip if you don't have much time. We also have different day trips and plans for three days.

On most longer walks, the days look like this:

walk after breakfast, eat lunch under a tree, and then walk some more in the afternoon. You have free time in the evenings to watch the sunset and explore the area around your campsite. If the weather is good, there might be a campfire in the evenings to bake fresh bread for breakfast or dinner. You would be asked to help set up camp and take it down in the morning. The only thing you need to bring is a daypack with drinks and snacks. Our Camels will take everything else.

Our multi-day Desert hiking from Merzouga Camel riding overnight:

If you don't have much time

In the afternoon, you can go camel riding to either where you can camp in the wild or a real camp behind the dunes. In the morning, you'll come back. About 6–8 km of walking over two days. Level 2/5 of fitness.

Day 1: Desert hiking

You'll get to Merzouga. Get out of town in the afternoon.

There will be sand to walk on and dunes to cross. Dinner will be in a meadow or a camp behind the dunes (an alternative luxury camp).

Day 2: Desert hiking

Bring your Camels back to town after breakfast so you can leave early. You can go behind the dunes with a guide after breakfast if you want to. Get a mint tea from the gypsies. Pick up in a 4x4, visit the nearby mines, and the Gnawa music town, and lunch with Berber pizza. We will get to Merzouga in the afternoon.

Adding on:

We can also arrange to pick you up at the Airport in Errachidia or the Supratours bus station in Merzouga. And suggest or book places to stay in Merzouga that fit your budget.

Tour included

  • Tents (price based on two people sharing), beds, all meals (except breakfast on day 1), pure well water during the hike, mineral water on transfer days, an interesting hat, donkeys to carry your bags during the hike, experienced guides, and a cook.

Not included

  • flights, in-country transfers that aren't listed in the details, visa (if needed), insurances, camel riding, single supplement, extra night in a luxury camp if listed in the itinerary, tips for drivers, guides, and cook (we'll send you a tipping guide once you book), sleeping bags, and any costs that come up because of bad weather, injuries, or late flights or luggage.

Tour Plan

Hike 1: For people who have never been to the desert before

From Merzouga to Erg Chebbi, Hassi Begaa, and Erg Znigui over the course of days. Over 4.5 days, they covered about 50 to 60 km. Levels to of fitness

Day 0:

Getting to Merzouga

Day 1:

Get out of Merzouga after breakfast. You will be hiking mostly on sand today as you cross the dunes and have lunch in an oasis. You can then set up camp behind the dunes in a luxury camp if you want to.

Day 2:

We will hike along a dry river bed today, and the dunes will be a great view the whole time. Set up camp near Hassi Begaa.

Day 3:

The same camp as day 2; we will explore the nearby mountains and climb up for a great view of the sunset.

Day 4:

This day, we'll go across Erg Znigui and the hills, see an empty town, and go to some old mines.

Stay in a nomad town behind the dunes to camp.

Day 5:

This is the last day. We will cross Erg Chebbi again to get back to Merzouga.

Hike 2: is for people who love the desert.

It has been 8 days since Marzouka, Erg Chebbi, Erg Znigi, Hassi Baka, and Marzouka.

Over 8 days, they covered about 100 to 120 km.

Level 3/5 of fitness

Day 0:

Getting to Merzouka

Day 1:

After breakfast, we'll leave Marzouka and take a short drive to the beginning of our trip. We walk across the flats, stop in a town for lunch, and then camp behind the dunes.

Day 2:

We'll be walking on sand for most of the day. We'll hike through the dunes, stop for lunch at a small lake, and camp behind the dunes (a fancy camp is possible).

Day 3:

Still another day in the sand. On our walk through the dunes, we'll stop for lunch at a different spot. For the night, we'll camp behind the dunes.

Day 4:

Today we are going to walk along a dry riverbank. All day we will have great views of the dunes. Set up camp close to Hassi Baqa.

Day 5:

We'll look around the nearby mountains, climb one of them to see a beautiful sunset, and camp at the same spot we did on Day 4.

Day 6:

Today we're going to hike to the town and oasis of Hassi Baqa, where there is a small shop that you can check out. We'll set up camp in Erg Zenigi's sand dunes.

Day 7:

Today we are going to cross Erg Zenigi and go to the hills and an abandoned town. We will also see some old mines. A Bedouin town behind the dunes is a great place to camp.

Day 8:

This is the last day. We will cross Erg Chebbi again to get back to Marzouka.

Hike 3: Desert and Mountains

10 days The cities of Merzouga, Erg Chebbi, Erg Znigui, Hassi Begaa, Taouz, Jdeid and Merzouga.

About 80-100 km covered in 10 days.

Exercise level 3/5

Day 0:

Arrived in Merzouga.

Day One:

After breakfast, we depart Merzouga. Today we will mainly walk on the sand, cross the dunes, have lunch at an oasis and camp behind the dunes (optional luxury camp).

Day two:

Today we will cross the hills, pass through an abandoned village and see the mines that had become abandoned. Set up camp in the dunes of Erg Znigui.

Day Three:

Today we will hike into the mountains of Hassi Begaa. We will camp early and then climb to the top to see a beautiful sunset.

Day Four:

We will keep camp one more night and spend the day exploring the mountain to meet the local nomads.

Day Five:

Today we will head to the village and oasis of Hassi Begaa, where we might visit a small local store. We will set up our camp in the dunes of Erg Znigui.

Day Six:

Today is a leisurely day; a short hike to Taouz and a camp near the town.

Day Seven:

Today we will cross the dry Ouad Ziz riverbed and follow the river to Jdeid, where we will camp near the mountains. Visiting the local petroglyphs is optional.

Day eight:

We will start climbing the mountains in search of more petroglyphs. Set up camp in the mountains.

Day nine

Today we will spend the whole day in the mountains. Mountain camp

Day ten:

On the final day, we will leave the mountains behind, cross the Ouad Ziz and, depending on our speed, visit the lake before returning to Merzouga.

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Moroccan Desert Tours is a travel company that focuses on individual tours of the Moroccan Desert and vacation packages. We help people and groups find the best deals on holiday trips. We offer many vacation spots, and our trips can be changed to fit your needs so you can get the most out of your adventure tours.


Moroccan Desert Tours, Merzouga 52202